Negotin - China - Ilienci meet the writer Miodrag Kojadinović (Serbia/Canada)

24 August (Thursday), 6:30 pm
Literature and Translation House, 12 Latinka str. 
in English, w interpreting in Bulgarian

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The writer Miodrag Kojadinovic is currently a Traduki-fellow at the Sofia Literature and Translation House. His presentation at the House will focus on his ten years in China and his short stories book about China "Under Thunderous Skies", on his residency stay in Sofia and on his new writing project. Kojadinovic will present visual materials from his travels and will talk about experiencing far-away places in a non touristic manner as well as about the paradoxes of identities, Balkan, global or gender.

Our Traduki-fellowship program will be presented, over a glass of wine, followed by a discussion on the effects and the impact of writers residencies.

Miodrag Kojadinović was born in Negotin (Serbia) and has lived in Canada. He has been studying, researching, and teaching at uni-versities in Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Mainland China and Macau. His two books, Under Thunderous Skies (Earnshaw Books) and Érotiques Suprèmes (Choose the Sword Press) were both published in October 2015 (in Hong Kong and California respectively), the second winning Lambda Literature Award in New York in July 2016.
During his residency stay in Sofia, Kojadinović is working on his new fiction book based on his family history.

More see here: www.facebook.com/sofialiteraturehouse/


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