Ravid Abarbanel Workshop Showcase with Dance PORT Derida


In August 2017 resident in Derida Dance Center will be choreographer, performer and dance teacher Ravid Abarbanel. Ravid was selected to develop her creative project  about disintegration within the frame of Derida Dance Center's Residency Program, a project part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2017, for which this year 111 different foreign choreographers applied. Born in 1986 in Central Israel, Ravid started dancing when she was 5, and has since continued to practice her passion. She started her professional training at the Maslool dance program in Tel Aviv under the direction of Naomi Perlov and Offir Dagan. After completing the two-year program, she continued her studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands.

The premiere of her first solo "Underneath" was part of the Suzanne Dellal Center's Dance Festival “Shades” in 2015 and won third prize for choreography at the International Dance Theater Competition in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2016 the solo was invited to several cities in Germany and other countries at festivals such as Brans Crossing SoloDue Festival in Cologne, Viva Danza Festival in Brazil, Gdańsk Dance Festival in Poland, FIDCDMX in Mexico City, Machol Shalem Dance Festival in Jerusalem, International Exposure and Tel Aviv Dance Festival.

Within the month she will stay in Sofia, Ravid will work on creating her new project inspired by the concept of disintegration. Disintegration is the loss of faith in our physical existence and the process of seeking alternative ways of existence. Nature applies its laws and requires renewal, the cost of which is the death of the individual in favor of discovery. Even if sometimes we deny it, avoid it or overtake it, time erodes our body to the point of extreme limitations. Does a being whose body has eroded cease to exist? Ravid believes that we continue to exist, but in a different way. Every person upon whom we have imprinted our stamp will carry something from us even after we've disappeared. In the act of renewal, a new lifecycle is born. We are within it, even if not physically. And as such, myriad life cycles go on and evolve with time even after our bodies dissipate.

Research into the disintegration of the body has fascinated the Israeli choreographer for a long time, as she finds a great deal of similarity between this process and the material known as "kinetic sand". The kinetic sand can be gathered together as a solid unit, however when placed under pressure, it turns from one body into an infinite number of separate grains, refusing to exist as one being. Like our bodies, the sand strives to become dust and only temporary energy can hold it together as a unit. Unlike our bodies, the sand has the physical ability to regroup after it has dispersed. The project will explore the idea of ​​what it would be if we could adopt that ability - to be in an endless cycle of coming together and falling apart, and as such to avoid utter destruction. At the end of her residency period, Ravid will present the work in the progress of "Disintegration," which you can see on 26.08. from 19.00h. at Scene Derida.

Along with a performer and choreographer, Ravid also teaches a wide variety of dance platforms, focusing on improvisation, contemporary dance technique, repertoire and pilates. Part of her schedule of the residency program in Sofia is also a one-week workshop at Derida Dance Center. In the frame of a 10-hour dance workshop, Ravid will work with young Bulgarian dancers in training from the intensive contemporary dance education program Dance PORT Derida, funded with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation. The workshop with them will be held from 7.08 to 11.08 in the interval 15.30 - 17.30. During the daily two-hour activity, Ravid will promote the diversity, technical and artistic abilities of the dancers, basing the work on her own artistic works. The workshop will offer an improvisation warm-up focusing on the use of the weight of the organs, looking for different ways to break the limits of the mind and body, and the pleasure of movement in space. In addition, the workshop will include a repertoire inspired by Ravid's works. At the end of the five days a short presentation of the outcome of the workshop will be presented. The presentation will take place on 11.08 at 19.00 at the Derida Dance Center.

Derida Dance Center’s Residency Program is part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2017.

The education and training program Dance PORT Derida is realized with the financial support of “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.

Ravid Abarbanel's travel to Bulgaria is financed through the Foreign Ministry of Israel and The Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria.

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